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Assisted Living Coach Uses Virtual Tours, Amid Growing COVID-19 Concerns, To Keep Residents Safe.

Donzella Burton wasn't always known as the Assisted Living Coach, but you wouldn't know that by her passion to help others succeed in a high demand market.

For years, people would seek her out and ask how she got started in the business. "There were many times when people would come to my office seeking advice", says the owner of Berkshire Hills Assisted Living, located in Pikesville, MD, and Buckingham Manor Assisted Living, located in Gwynn Oak, MD. So she leased some great space in Owings Mills, MD. to teach others how to be successful in the industry.

Donzella's other passion is taking care of her residents. They all know her well and enjoy a family type of relationship with her and the staff. And of course, with all the concerns over COVID-19, they are taking extra measures to keep the residents safe, including employing the use of Virtual Tours, to allow potential future residents to take a full tour of the facilities without having to physically be there. "We feel that this is a simple and inexpensive way to help keep our residents safe but it's also a way to effectively show the space to more people", says Donzella. And judging by the way her residents interact with her, they appreciate how much she cares.

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